Affordable Hair Care? Yes please!

I used to have quite healthy hair, until I started dyeing it. Since then it has always been a struggle to keep it healthy. Right now my hair is in a normal state, I'd say- not super healthy, not overly damaged.
 Since I'm a student, I have a quite low budget and it's not easy to find affordable products that really do something for your hair. To spare you the quest I decided to write down my Hair Care Routine and some facts about my hair!

  • I first dyed my hair at 15- a pink dip dye
  • My natural hair colour is blonde and I bleached the tips for a cute ombre look!
  • I wash my hair every second, somethimes third day
  • I blow dry my hair only in Autumn and Winter

Step 1:

Product: Garnier Fructis strenghtening and structuring shampoo "Stop Agressions"
Price: about 2£
Application: Massage into wet hair and rinse.

Step 2:

Product: Ombia Hair Xpert Repair Complex
Price: about 3£
Application: Massage into wet hair (squeeze the water out before), leave in for about 3 minutes and rinse.

Step 3:

Product: Balea Intensive Care Hair Mask (This smells absolutely heavenly
Price: about 1.50£
Application: Squeeze as much water out of your hair as possible and part into two. Then apply on tips until hair feels super silky. Leave in for about 5-10 minutes, then rinse

Step 4 (After Showering):

Product: Schwarzkopf Heidi's Heat Styles Heat Protector
Price: about 3£
Application: Spray into your hair evenly before blow drying, then comb through it.

Step 5:

Product: Garnier Fructis Anti Spliss Serum Stop "Agressions"
Price: about 4£
Application: Part hair into two, then apply on both lenghts before Blow Drying.

Which products do you use? Tell me!

Hope you enjoyed reading,


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